Monday, February 25, 2008

Play Time :)

1. Writing my play was fun and exciting. It was interesting trying to get energy and expressions worked in the play. At the start, I thought that it was going to be hard to get a minimum of 5 pages, but at the end it turned out to be easy. It was easy to come up with what they were saying. Trying to put expressions in, was a little difficult. I dont think that I would ever be interested in writing drama's. I enjoyed doing it for fun, but I could never do it for a job. I don't think that i have the creative mind to do this. Writing television scripts would be interesting. I don't think that its an easy job. It would take a lot of hard work and time to get one to be interesting.

If I could give advice to a child who was 10 years old, I tell them to be different and follow your heart. You don't need to do everything exactly like everyone else. Being different and stepping out of your comfort zone is something that you need to do. Be the kid who goes and makes new friends no madder what race or what they look like. Another piece of advice I would give them is to follow your heart. No madder what people are doing, do what you want to do not what they want. Stick up for yourself. If your heart says go do it, then go do it and have pride when you're doing it.

I think that these words have lasted this long for many different reasons. One reason is that it spread though out the universe and everyone was using it. If everyone uses it, then it will stay around because each generation will hear it again and again. I don't think anything I could every say would stick around and be used for years and years. I think that if you have something that sticks around for years, it would be a great honor and everyone would remember you. Nothing I say would be worth keeping around for that long.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What is the purpose?

1. I think that a purpose and a ending point is important to have in your writing. A great piece of literature needs to have some sort of idea. You can't write a story if you dont have an idea for what it is going to be about. It has to have some sort of idea behind what is going on. It needs to have a climax, where the idea takes place. If you don't have an idea or purpose in your writing, what is the point of reading it? There is no meaning to it. You can't get anything out of something that doesn't have an idea in it. Therefore, theme is very important in writing.

2. A theme that is going to be communicated in my play is self-confidence. I think that many people lack self confidence. In order to be happy in life, you need to be happy with yourself. If you have a negative attitude, you will not have very good self-confidence. In order to be able to act the part you are assigned to, you need to be sure that you know what your talking about, and in order to have that, you need self-confidence. I think it is more important to me than anything because I believe I lack in self-confidence.

3.One conflict that is going to happen in my play, is that the girl will be all alone without any friends. A group of people hanging out together that day, will walk past her. Then one will stop and ask her to join the group, but she didn't stop, she just kept walking. She doesn't have any self confidence therefore, she didn't think she was good enough to hang with them.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Why I think what I think

1. Why is reading so crucial for a writer?
Reading is very crucial for writers. From reading, writers can gain many ideas from what they read. Later on they take the ideas they have generated and then make it into a creative piece of writing. Also, from gaining ideas by reading, it also allows you to learn different things that you didn't know. It helps you relise what is going on in the world today. It allows you to find out information that you would have never known unless you read it. The newspaper has the effect of turning on the lightbulb in your head.

2. What is something that concerns you and why?
Many things today conern me. One thing that concerns me what is happening to the people who have cancer. Each day many people die because of it and right now there isn't a serious cure. One day you could be fine, and then the next you could have cancer. This spreds fast and quick.

3. What art inspires you and why?
I get a lot of inspiration from pictures. From being peaceful to causing comtion. Pictures always make me think of differen things. When I sit and see a pretty sunset, I sometimes want to create a story that goes with it. I feel like theres always a story behind something. Writing a story that goes along with it is always rewarding. They inspire me because you can take them in many different ways. There is never right way or a wrong way to intrupt a picture.